26 June 2011

Trevor's Birthday

Tomorrow is Trev's 26th birthday so I made him a personalized card.
He loves his plaid flannel shirts :)

Adventure to the Ocean State

It finally happened. I moved from Missouri to Rhode Island! My lovely and amazing mother flew to MO, rented a minivan, and after fitting everything I possibly could (and leaving much behind) we hit the road to RI. It's been a busy week of unpacking, making myself at home, and enjoying the perks of living in New England. Here are a few photos to summarize...

Mom and I took a detour to Niagara Falls on our way to Rhode Island. Neither of us had been before...it was AMAZING!

My new craft studio!

Trev's mom bought this desk for me as a graduation gift.

My handy-dandy organizer from The Container Store

I treated myself to some new fabric from a shop in downtown Boston

Trev's mom also gave me this gorgeous vintage Singer. It was sitting on my new sewing table when I arrived. How sweet!

Today Trevor, his Mom, his brother and I headed to
downtown Boston for the SOWA Open Market.

This cupcake truck was adorable!

I enjoyed a delicious sandwich from this food truck

This photo was taken last summer at Trev's brother's house. I noticed it during our visit today. We're celebrating today too :)