15 February 2011

My Typewriter Gets a Makeover

This weekend my boyfriend, Trevor, came all the way from RI to visit me! On one of our many ventures about town, we bought some spray paint to re-finish my typewriter.



Although it isn't perfect in some areas, I like how it turned out and think it looks much better in its pretty blue. We used Valspar satin finish spray enamel in "baby blue." What a fun Valentines weekend project!


10 February 2011

Back in Business!

I've been getting a lot of mail lately (it is, after all, one of my favorite things). After weeks of waiting I finally received my PINS & NEEDLES business cards and banner from Vistaprint.com. I feel so official!

One Yard Wonders

I received my new book in the mail today and, truthfully, it just may be the best one yet. One Yard Wonders has so many (101 to be exact) sewing project ideas. The best part is the variety of projects (home, decorating, baby toys, clothing, bags, aprons, etc.) AND...the book comes with all the patterns! Here's a little pinch of my favorite projects included...

If you think you'd enjoy this book just as much as me you can find it here at Amazon.com.

Vintage Children's Books

I'm a sucker for children's literature, so when a library donated some "weeded" out books to our school I was eager to look through them. Fortunately they were up for grabs for the teachers and I picked out a few oldies but goodies to take home.

The Story of Clay without its jacket (I love the cloth covers!)

Discovering Plants sans jacket

I love the simple illustrations.

09 February 2011

06 February 2011

1950's Vintage Typewriter

I did it! I will soon be the proud owner of this 1950's vintage Sears Tower typewriter that I just purchased on Ebay. I'm absolutely thrilled!

I can't wait to transport myself to another era to write

love letters
thank-you notes
anything else I could possibly write with this charming machine.

I'm thinking I may paint it a bright color, although doing so would probably take away from its value. But I got it for a bargain...we shall see.

I just love these brightly colored vintage typewriters...

Time After Time

Yesterday was a sublime lazy Saturday. I slept in, did a little shopping downtown, and then watched Julie & Julia. The movie inspired many things...

Cook... (I mean, could anyone watch that movie and not feel the craving?)

Seek out a vintage typewriter... (Something I've always wanted, but the search has been on the back burner.)

Listen to more Margaret Whiting.
(I think this song would be perfect for a first dance at a wedding)

Get around to sewing some aprons.

03 February 2011

Another Clutch

Another clutch for the collection! I think this is one of my favorite prints so far. It reminds me of Matisse's paper collages.

Collage, Henri Matisse

New Pin Cushion

My original pin cushion was a decent attempt as my first try, but I decided I wanted to make a bigger and better one...

I have to say, I'm pleased with the results.

02 February 2011

Snowy Day

In case you weren't aware, the winter has been quite extreme in the Midwestern and northern states this season. This week we experienced a "historic" blizzard...some calling it "Snowpocalipse 2011." Today was my second snow day of the week and I have another tomorrow. While this would be an opportune time for getting cozy with a cup of tea and my sewing machine, I have been sluggishly working on a research paper instead. Not that my research isn't interesting...I've been studying the effects of integrating the arts into other curriculum areas in my classroom. It's just that writing 30 page papers has never been a thrilling snow day activity for me. But no worries, Maggie heroically came to the rescue after shoveling out her car and making her way through the treacherous snow-covered streets to take us to the craft store!

On our way to civilization...

Maggie with a snow mountain in the Michael's parking lot

It was taller than Maggie...and Maggie is tall, I might add.

Our trip to Michael's was a nice break and I came home with a new book, ribbon, and lots of ideas.

I've been looking at this book for a while and finally decided to go for it!

And as the cherry on top, Michael's was giving away grab bags with every purchase. These are a few fun things I found in mine.
OK...now back to writing, I suppose.