30 January 2011


A new pattern I made and a weekend trip to the fabric store lead to a sewing frenzy!

More to come!

Making a Name for Myself

Vistaprint.com has become my new best friend. I ordered free business cards and a banner to hang at craft fairs and festivals. I'm eagerly awaiting this package!


business card

Making Valentines on a Crafternoon

Yesterday Maggie came over for a "crafternoon" as Martha Stewart likes to call it. We got a head start on our Valentines for this year. I have to admit, I broke a sweat trying to keep up with Maggie's craftiness...but I think my cards aren't too shabby.

You really can't go wrong with glitter when it comes to Valentines.

25 January 2011

Little Minnie

Embroidered Buttons

While on a walk downtown this weekend I stopped in to visit one of my favorite little shops in Columbia, The Butterfly Tattoo. Contrary to the common misconception, this shop does not specialize in body art. However, it does specialize in arts, crafts, paper goods, home decor, kids toys & clothing, and handmade jewelry. While there, I came across a crewel embroidery kit for 50% off (not to mention a yard of vintage fabric for $0.50!) A few hours later...voila!

I still haven't decided what to do with it....any ideas?
Visit www.thebutterflytattoo.com to shop for kits like this and all kinds of neat stuff.
Go to www.woolandhoop.com to shop for this kit and other products by this artist.

A Snowy Squirrel Story

So, this is a bit unrelated to crafts. But it was too adorable to not share. While working on a sewing project, this feisty little guy was busy foraging for acorns in the snow right outside my window. I was so entertained by this moment that I had to capture it.

At this moment, he'd heard the snap of my camera lense through the window and came over for a closer look...

...and off he went.
I couldn't help wishing he'd come inside to a warm nest of blankets.

24 January 2011

New and Improved Craft Station

This weekend I reevaluated my crafting space and found that I needed a bit more room. Another desk was just the ticket. Now I can spread out and not be confined to one surface, which was pretty much consumed by my sewing machine. Now sewing projects and paper crafts can coexist in harmony :)

I can only imagine that my need for space and surfaces will grow. In June I am moving up to Rhode Island to move in with my fella and he's admitted his concern for accommodating my craft space. "How many desks will you need?" he asked. In reality, I'll probably have a designated corner somewhere until we get a bigger place. But he's already promised me a craft studio someday. What a guy! Until then, I'll be sketching plans in my brain...

I LOVE this closet craft space designed by Livy. I'm always inspired by her blog (which you should really visit) A Field Journal at www.afieldjournal.blogspot.com.

( Photo credits belong to Livy at A Field Journal)

17 January 2011

Come celebrate Earth Day with us!

Ok, so it's a little early to be taking about Earth Day (or is it?) but I wanted to share the exciting news that my fellow crafter Caitlin and I will be selling our handmade goods at this year's annual Columbia Earth Day Festival! Check out Caitlin's website at www.caitcreates.weebly.com.
Come out and see us on Sunday, April 17th.

New Website!

It's official. I've created a website. Visit http://www.katpinsandneedles.weebly.com/ to view and purchase my arts and crafts.

13 January 2011

Goodwill = Good for my room...

The open space on my wall needed something...

This hanging frame was perfect for this vintage postcard I had.

This frame came along with this pretty natural history print. (Only $3!)