17 January 2011

New Website!

It's official. I've created a website. Visit http://www.katpinsandneedles.weebly.com/ to view and purchase my arts and crafts.


  1. wow! thats great! i might have to buy something for myself... also tell me how the weebly works. I'm looking for something myself and kind of want to steer clear of etsy...

  2. ps. i love everything and want to buy a picture just to have you and emily on my wall next to myles' paintings!

    and those little owl ornament are so cute (i almost bought you something like that a christmas market, but then decided it would be much better for me to make it... toooo late!)... i have an ornament that you gave me as a freshman. I've put it on my tree the last 2 years. love you.