30 September 2013

My Current Etsy Obsession

If you haven't already discovered Anna Joyce Design on Etsy, you MUST check out her shop! She is this great business in Portland, Oregon that makes bags, pouches, and home goods from her own hand-printed fabric. After admiring her work for a long time, I finally rewarded myself for my Etsy sales and purchased one of her charcoal polka-dotted totes. The craftsmanship is of incredible quality, durable canvas and leather. Since my bag arrived in the mail, it goes wherever I go!

Just recently she introduced her Fall collection and I'm head over heels for this charcoal anemone design with a leather bottom and zip-top. It's on my wish list and since my birthday is this month (it's October already!) I may just have to treat myself. It's the perfect bag for Autumn and can be worn year-round.

I love supporting fellow makers! I'd much rather buy a unique handmade item directly from a "real" person than a high-end designer bag. Owning something handmade and supporting a small business is, to me, the ultimate luxury.

*All images (with the exception of my polka-dot bag) are from Anna Joyce's website, annajoycedesign.com 

13 August 2013

Are you still there? I am...

Hello readers...if there are any of you left. My goal of keeping up with this blog has failed (just like my lifelong goal to keep a consistent journal). However, I feel more inspired and energized by creativity than I have in a while. My Etsy shop, A Sailor Woman Sews, has been slowly and sporadically becoming more successful. Largely in part to a FEATURE in an Australian magazine!

 I was shocked when, several months ago, an editor emailed me explaining that she'd stumbled upon my shop and wanted to feature my Custom Couple Folk Dolls in a wedding issue of the magazine, Shop Til You Drop. So, by complete luck, my work was featured in a popular magazine on the other side of the planet. Woah! I wasn't sure if anything would come out of it, like if anyone would look up my shop or if I'd get any orders. The editor said she could email me a PDF copy of the magazine, but I never received one. So, not knowing what it would even look like or hearing about it for the next couple months, it didn't feel like it really happened.

Then one day I received an email from someone in Australia asking about my dolls. When I asked how they'd heard about my shop they said, "I saw your dolls in a magazine." THEY SAW MY DOLLS IN A MAGAZINE!!! And then they sent me these photos...

You guys, there they are! I couldn't believe it! Naturally I posted the news to Facebook immediately. That same day a friend of mine in Brisbane, AU commented congratulating me. A minute later she commented again, realizing the magazine with the feature was sitting right next to her. She was able to see something I'd made in print! The most amazing, dreamy, and rewarding feeling ever! Last week I received a surprise package from Australia. It was from my friend, Ellie. She'd sent a couple copies of the magazine along with some Aussie sweets!
Since then I've received several inquiries and many custom orders for US customers as well as customers in AU. Here are a couple photos of what I've been up to...
I've even found time to update my nautical clutches...
This weekend Trevor and I are heading to a cabin in Maine with a couple friends from our home town (St. Augustine, FL). I'm looking forward to a memorable long weekend with good friends, good food, and outdoor adventures! It will be the perfect way to refresh myself for the start of the new school year and updating my Etsy shop!
Readers, if you're there...thanks for reading :)
I'll be back soon, promise!


08 July 2012

Saturday Strummin' Short

Last weekend Trevor, Dan and I were playing around with a crane they were using for an upcoming shoot and they put together this little video. So fun :)

Hello old friend!

Well hello there! It's been quite a while since my last post. Yes, I'm still obsessed with my new phone but that's not my only excuse. I've been very busy the past couple months. I went to Puerto Rico with Trevor's family, returned right in time for end-of-the-year family conferences, went home to FL for my baby brother's high school graduation (still can't believe it!), and have been busy with summer camp and field trips the past few weeks. Whew! To summarize best, I present you with a series of photos...

Our Sailing Adventure to Culebra, PR

 Jonathan's High School Graduation

Trevor and I at our friends' Kyle and Andie's Wedding

Peter Bradley Adams show in Westerly, RI

A cute photo of Pesto and I, just because :)

 A Saturday afternoon with Deb, Trev's mom and my dear friend

I think that pretty much sums up the happenings here lately. I'll try to be better at updating this blog regularly. I read blogs daily...just started slacking on writing my own I guess. Today Pesto has to get his rabies vaccine. Poor fella doesn't even know what his day will bring...

Until next time...

05 May 2012

My new iPhone!

I realize it's been a while since I last updated. My hiatus is due largely in part to me being obsessed with my new iPhone. I finally made the leap from a flip phone to the celebrity of smart phones, the iPhone 4s. And can I just say, I think this is love. It has been fantastic having all my favorites at my fingertips. Now I can check up on my Etsy shop, update my blog (as I am now :) , check out Facebook, and not to mention my newest loves...Pinterest and Instagram! Oh, and I already have multiple cases. Having one more thing to accessorize could be dangerous, but fun :)

I also love the awesome camera apps and have been snapping away like crazy. Here are a few from the past week...

20 April 2012

Upcycled Owls

This month at school we've been focusing on taking care of our environment and going green. So for the past couple weeks my students have been bringing in paper rolls from home. They've been accumulating by the dozen in our art center. This week we turned a few of them into these adorable little owlets...

Aren't they the cutest?

Here's how we made them:
1. Paint an empty toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll cut in half)
2. Fold in the top ends of the paper roll to create the ears
3. Use scraps of patterned paper to make the wings and "belly" as we called it
4. Glue on googly eyes and a small orange triangle for the beak

My class loved this project and are all about recycling, upcycling, and helping their Earth stay beautiful!

Also, happy FRIDAY! This weekend will be pretty relaxed for me. Trevor is busy in the editing process of his documentary so we'll be just hanging around. Maybe I'll get to sit out in the sun and read tomorrow. Today after school I actually put on a SUN DRESS and FLIP FLOPS, made myself a margarita, and sat out on the patio with a funny book. I'm loving the warm Spring/Summer weather we're getting lately in New England!

Have a fantastic weekend!

09 April 2012

Days like today

Folks, today was one of those days. I could tell it was a full moon this weekend because, I swear, my kids were turning into ware wolves. I'm pretty sure they all ate Easter candy for breakfast too. A child actually said to me, "I hate you mean lady!" because I asked them NOT to stand on top of a table and throw blocks around the room. It was a day like this...
But tomorrow is a new day and it will be better. As a teacher, there are days like today. But there are also days that make me so happy and proud of what I get to do. Days like this...
Also, I have something to look forward to next month. Trevor and I are heading to Puerto Rico with his Dad, brother and sister-in-law to.........spend a week on a sailboat!!! Could anyone ask for a more relaxing and exciting summer vacation? I couldn't.

To prepare for the trip, last night I ordered this swim suit (on sale!) from Patagonia. I figured it would be sporty enough to spend my days snorkeling and exploring tropical islands.

Have any of you readers been to Puerto Rico? What did you pack? What are the best spots to visit?