09 April 2012

Days like today

Folks, today was one of those days. I could tell it was a full moon this weekend because, I swear, my kids were turning into ware wolves. I'm pretty sure they all ate Easter candy for breakfast too. A child actually said to me, "I hate you mean lady!" because I asked them NOT to stand on top of a table and throw blocks around the room. It was a day like this...
But tomorrow is a new day and it will be better. As a teacher, there are days like today. But there are also days that make me so happy and proud of what I get to do. Days like this...
Also, I have something to look forward to next month. Trevor and I are heading to Puerto Rico with his Dad, brother and sister-in-law to.........spend a week on a sailboat!!! Could anyone ask for a more relaxing and exciting summer vacation? I couldn't.

To prepare for the trip, last night I ordered this swim suit (on sale!) from Patagonia. I figured it would be sporty enough to spend my days snorkeling and exploring tropical islands.

Have any of you readers been to Puerto Rico? What did you pack? What are the best spots to visit?


  1. That will be awesome! Kate has been to Puerto Rico and she never wanted to leave.

    Also-- I know what you mean about craziness. Last week we had Good Friday off and we had just had Spring Break so Wednesday last week made me want to pull my hair out!

  2. Oh my gosh it's been soooo crazy! That's awesome that Kate's been to Puerto Rico. If she has any advice on what to bring or do there I'd love to know!