13 August 2013

Are you still there? I am...

Hello readers...if there are any of you left. My goal of keeping up with this blog has failed (just like my lifelong goal to keep a consistent journal). However, I feel more inspired and energized by creativity than I have in a while. My Etsy shop, A Sailor Woman Sews, has been slowly and sporadically becoming more successful. Largely in part to a FEATURE in an Australian magazine!

 I was shocked when, several months ago, an editor emailed me explaining that she'd stumbled upon my shop and wanted to feature my Custom Couple Folk Dolls in a wedding issue of the magazine, Shop Til You Drop. So, by complete luck, my work was featured in a popular magazine on the other side of the planet. Woah! I wasn't sure if anything would come out of it, like if anyone would look up my shop or if I'd get any orders. The editor said she could email me a PDF copy of the magazine, but I never received one. So, not knowing what it would even look like or hearing about it for the next couple months, it didn't feel like it really happened.

Then one day I received an email from someone in Australia asking about my dolls. When I asked how they'd heard about my shop they said, "I saw your dolls in a magazine." THEY SAW MY DOLLS IN A MAGAZINE!!! And then they sent me these photos...

You guys, there they are! I couldn't believe it! Naturally I posted the news to Facebook immediately. That same day a friend of mine in Brisbane, AU commented congratulating me. A minute later she commented again, realizing the magazine with the feature was sitting right next to her. She was able to see something I'd made in print! The most amazing, dreamy, and rewarding feeling ever! Last week I received a surprise package from Australia. It was from my friend, Ellie. She'd sent a couple copies of the magazine along with some Aussie sweets!
Since then I've received several inquiries and many custom orders for US customers as well as customers in AU. Here are a couple photos of what I've been up to...
I've even found time to update my nautical clutches...
This weekend Trevor and I are heading to a cabin in Maine with a couple friends from our home town (St. Augustine, FL). I'm looking forward to a memorable long weekend with good friends, good food, and outdoor adventures! It will be the perfect way to refresh myself for the start of the new school year and updating my Etsy shop!
Readers, if you're there...thanks for reading :)
I'll be back soon, promise!


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  1. So glad to hear you are doing well! I love the dolls!!