24 January 2011

New and Improved Craft Station

This weekend I reevaluated my crafting space and found that I needed a bit more room. Another desk was just the ticket. Now I can spread out and not be confined to one surface, which was pretty much consumed by my sewing machine. Now sewing projects and paper crafts can coexist in harmony :)

I can only imagine that my need for space and surfaces will grow. In June I am moving up to Rhode Island to move in with my fella and he's admitted his concern for accommodating my craft space. "How many desks will you need?" he asked. In reality, I'll probably have a designated corner somewhere until we get a bigger place. But he's already promised me a craft studio someday. What a guy! Until then, I'll be sketching plans in my brain...

I LOVE this closet craft space designed by Livy. I'm always inspired by her blog (which you should really visit) A Field Journal at www.afieldjournal.blogspot.com.

( Photo credits belong to Livy at A Field Journal)

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  1. can you come to paris and make more room in my area? thanks.