02 February 2011

Snowy Day

In case you weren't aware, the winter has been quite extreme in the Midwestern and northern states this season. This week we experienced a "historic" blizzard...some calling it "Snowpocalipse 2011." Today was my second snow day of the week and I have another tomorrow. While this would be an opportune time for getting cozy with a cup of tea and my sewing machine, I have been sluggishly working on a research paper instead. Not that my research isn't interesting...I've been studying the effects of integrating the arts into other curriculum areas in my classroom. It's just that writing 30 page papers has never been a thrilling snow day activity for me. But no worries, Maggie heroically came to the rescue after shoveling out her car and making her way through the treacherous snow-covered streets to take us to the craft store!

On our way to civilization...

Maggie with a snow mountain in the Michael's parking lot

It was taller than Maggie...and Maggie is tall, I might add.

Our trip to Michael's was a nice break and I came home with a new book, ribbon, and lots of ideas.

I've been looking at this book for a while and finally decided to go for it!

And as the cherry on top, Michael's was giving away grab bags with every purchase. These are a few fun things I found in mine.
OK...now back to writing, I suppose.

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  1. oh how fun!!

    yeah the snow is crazy there. good thing you have some days off to get that paper done!

    stay warm!