27 October 2010

Bag Lady

I recieved my order from PurlSoho.com and couldn't wait to turn it into something! I made another multi-compartment tote. You may be wondering, "What do you do when you have ten of them?" Yes, a love for sewing does tend to lead to many finished projects laying around waiting for a purpose (especially when you only know how to sew certain things). But I like to believe that "practice makes perfect" and the more I make, the better quality they are...and the more I have to give away and/or sell. In any case, who wouldn't love a cute bag with so many convenient pockets to put things?
Now what to do with my Liberty of London fabrics??? Update coming soon :)

1 comment:

  1. so cute (again!!!) and I can't wait to see what you do with the liberty fabric. I have been wanting to buy some myself, but I'm afraid I will save it and it won't get made into anything beautiful.... so maybe I will just copy you (haha)