17 October 2010

Bike ride to the fabric store

Today we had gorgeous fall weather! It was the perfect day for bike-riding and sewing by an open window. I pedaled over to Joann's Fabrics and spent over an hour looking through fabrics to make a bag from my Martha Stewart encyclopedia. Nearly everything in the store was on sale so there was a lot to choose from. I left with half a yard of this, half a yard of that, 6 yard of bias tape, 2 skeins of yarn, a Diet Coke, and a pack of Twizzlers.

The rest of my afternoon was spent in my breezy craft room at my sewing machine making this...

1 comment:

  1. this is unbelievably cute! i wish I could have pedaled over to jo's with you and sewn all afternoon! also, did you drink your diet coke with a twizzler straw??!!