02 April 2011

Sunny Spring Break Findings

I'm currently spending my long-awaited Spring break vacation at my future home in RI. The weather has been gorgeous (minus that random snow yesterday). During the week I've come across some goodies to bring home with me...

Trevor and I took a trip to New Jersey to visit with family and do some work. Trevor is currently filming a documentary on musician Ace Enders. Ace and his family live in Hammonton, NJ so it worked out nicely for the weekend. Check out Trev's production company and Ace Enders! Both are talented artists :)

Anyhow, Ace's recording studio is located above an antique shop. While Trevor was busy filming I browsed every nook and cranny of the shop and ended up finding a couple souvenirs for my collection.

Vintage Florida post cards

Vintage compact

Back in RI Trevor had an itch for art and we were on a search for a large canvas. We made a stop at Joann's (which is much larger than the Columbia store) and I found a couple fabrics for upcoming projects. I have a lot of sewing to do to prepare for the Earth Day Festival on April 17th!

Then, at Michael's I found these fantastic circus-themed note cards and journal...

I return to Missouri tomorrow afternoon. Back to reality. I reallllly need to start sewing like crazy if I'm going to be ready for the festival!


  1. i'm so glad you're back and that you had fun!

  2. ahh kat! everything looks cute! I've been meaning to call you and tell you there is a store really close to my house that was selling those black apple dolls {homemade of course} but didn't look 1/2 as good as yours! Keep up the awesome work! Glad you got to spend some time with TREV!! <3!