06 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I realize that I haven't shared any photos from Thanksgiving yet, which was a beautiful warm day at Trevor's moms'. Those will come. But I couldn't resist posting a few photos of our festive holiday decorations. Christmas this year is especially exciting because it's the first one that I live in my own apartment, in a new town with a job and a car...like a real grown-up :)

Our first tree! I thought it looked pretty cute atop the Forester :)

Home with our tree

Pesto was trying to help me make the tree skirt.

Trev got into the spirit and decorated his guitars.

I made stockings for everyone in our "family". Plaid flannel was the obvious theme and each of us have a personalized applique.

Stockings hung with care :)

Our tree!

Pesto LOVES the tree!

So that's the beginning of our holiday cheer. I'll be going home to celebrate Christmas with my family in Florida but we'll have our own little celebration here before then. There's been talk of a holiday cocktail party at our place...I love the holiday season!

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  1. so. lovely. !!!

    I love all the stockings!

    you're tree and decs are so cute (as always!!)